How Much Will I Pay for a New Roof in Charleston?

Apr 21, 2023Blog, Charleston, Costs, Roof Replacement

Has the time come when you are beginning to wonder if you need a new roof? Perhaps you have noticed discoloration on the ceiling of your attic from water seeping through the roofing material. Or maybe you see areas of broken, split or bent asphalt shingles. It is wise to consider replacing a roof before the damage becomes too much and it is a rush job.

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The cost of an asphalt shingle roof replacement in Charleston averages between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the size of the roof, the type of materials chosen, and the labor installation fees of the roofing contractor. For a complete breakdown and estimate for your particular home, contact RCB Roofing in Charleston. We look forward to working with you!

Now you know approximately what it will cost for a roof replacement, how do you know if you are truly in need of a new roof? What are the signs that it is time to replace your current roofing system?

Loose or missing shingles

For obvious reasons, if there are loose or missing shingles, they must be replaced. Many times, when the shingles begin to loosen in areas, it is time to replace the whole roof rather than repeated repairs.

Missing Granules

This is an indication the roof is aging. When the granules start falling off, it is best to consider replacing the roof and solidifying the surface once again.

Light Shining in the Attic

This means there are holes somewhere. Rain, snow, hail, and water can all seep through the holes, creating huge issues in the home.

Evidence of Animals

Those cute little critters aren’t so cute when they have made families in the attic or gutters! Sealing up with a new roof can help keep them where they belong.

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Curling Shingles

This is an indication there could be some leaking problems. Perhaps they have become aged, were installed incorrectly, or have poor ventilation in the attic. This situation will need to be addressed.

Evidence of Moisture in the Attic or on the Walls

Moisture can lead to wet wood, damp insulation, mold, and/or mildew which can be a health hazard to the family.

Many brave homeowners try to replace their roofs themselves. This isn’t a wise decision for multiple reasons. Consider these points and why hiring a local roofing contractor is the best option.

  • A DIY project can take longer than a professional roofing contractor.
  • Mistakes can be made by the average homeowner who doesn’t understand the proper procedures for installing a roof.
  • If done incorrectly, the installation will need to be redone. This could result in more money being spent on the same roof.
  • The homeowner may not fully be aware of the rules, regulations, and permits when attempting to install a roof.
  • We completely understand all the local laws when it comes to working on a home.
  • We have the proper safety equipment necessary to successfully and safely complete the job.
  • Many roofing warranties require the installation to be done by a professional.

Place your trust in the roofing company that serves Charleston with integrity, honesty, and excellent workmanship. RCB Roofing is here to help secure a new roof over your head and give you the peace of mind you desire and enjoy your roof for years to come! Serving people is our business! Call us today and let’s discuss your roofing needs!