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  • Avatar Steve Sartori ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    My local Lowe’s Store connected me with RCB Roofing for my roof replacement project. Chris Parsons provided me with a competitive quote, and his professionalism and communication skills helped me decide to go with RCB. He was helpful and patient in walking me through the process of securing a discount with a Lowe’s credit card.
    Cody Cowan was the project manager. When the project was delayed due to
    … More unforeseen circumstances, he recruited extra manpower and the estimated two-day job was completed in only one day. He was attentive to our comments and questions along the way, and went above and beyond in addressing all of our concerns.
    Thank you Chris, Cody, and RCB Roofing. Well done! Highly recommended!
  • Avatar Bill Thomas ★★★★★ a month ago
    One day and done to perfection. Well prepared and well oiled machine. You will Never go wrong with RCB.
  • Avatar Cheryl Grazier ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Holly was great to work with. Offering different financial options through Lowes. Several options to fit different budgets. Being available when I had questions even on the actual work day, and reassuring me that it was normal. When they were finished, it was a wonderfully well executed roof that looks so much better than the replaced one. Thank you for your understanding. 😉 I would definitely … More recommend them if you're looking to have your roof replaced.

Reliable Storm Damage Roof Repair & Restoration in Atlanta

Reliable Storm Damage Roof Repair and Restoration company Atlanta

For over 20 years, RCB Roofing has been one of the premier roof repair and installation services for residents in Atlanta. We understand how essential it is for your roof to be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions we are familiar with here, as well as make sure that its look makes an attractive addition to your home. Our experienced team offers repairs after storm damage, new roof installations using the highest quality materials available, and thorough inspections on existing roofs so they are sure to continue keeping everything secure.

Trust RCB Roofing to provide you with reliable and affordable roof solutions! Our team of roofing experts in Atlanta is knowledgeable when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof. We will make sure you have proper ventilation systems, shingle options tailored to meet your requirements, and quick emergency repair response time. Get peace of mind knowing that we have the experience necessary for all of your roofing needs – schedule a free estimate today!

Atlanta Wind Damage Repair

At RCB Roofing, we know firsthand the destruction that high winds can cause to roofs. From wind-driven rain and hail ripping off shingles to flying debris loosening vent pipe boots or lifting roof decking and fasteners, our experienced technicians are equipped to assess and repair storm damage with comprehensive solutions. Our services include replacing any materials that have sustained harm as well as ensuring a secure installation for the best possible results. Don’t let strong gusts wreak havoc on your roof; contact us today for expert repairs!

Atlanta Hurricane Damage Repair

At RCB Roofing, we understand the destructive power of hurricanes and how they can damage roofs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. That’s why we offer comprehensive repairs for storm-damaged roofs to our clients – so that their homes are better protected against wind, flying debris, leaks and water damage. Don’t let a hurricane wreck your home; rely on us for permanent repair solutions to keep you safe from future destruction.

Atlanta Tropical Storm Damage Repair

At RCB Roofing, we understand the toll that tropical storms can take on roofs in Atlanta and are experienced in repairing damages caused by coastal weather conditions. We provide a full range of roof repair services including everything from minor leak fixes to complete replacements due to storm damage. No matter if you require an emergency storm fix or want a brand new installation, our professionals offer quality work at competitive prices.

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home

Does insurance cover storm damage to your roof?

Many insurance policies will cover storm damage that is common to your region or area, but this will ultimately depend on your individual policy. We always recommend looking over your insurance policy or contacting your insurance company to clarify what exactly is covered by your plan.

How does the roof inspection process work?

Our team performs thorough evaluations and will assess your roof from top to bottom, inside and out. We not only look at your shingles on the outside of your roof, but will also look at your decking, flashing, and other vulnerable areas of your roof.

Trust your roofing project to RCB Roofing: Atlanta’s experienced specialist in roof installation and repair. With our A+ BBB rating, GAF-certified contractor status and commitment to expert craftsmanship, service and integrity – you can be sure of quality results every time. Rest assured that when you choose us for your next roof job, dedicated professionals take their responsibility from start to finish seriously. Schedule a free estimate today and let RCB Roofing handle all of your home’s roofing needs with the utmost confidence!