Hurricane Idalia Bombards Atlanta And The Georgia Coastline

Sep 7, 2023Atlanta, Blog, Local News, Storm Damage

Late last month as hurricane season raged on, residents in Atlanta braced for some severe weather as Hurricane Idalia began rising along the coast from Florida. Here’s the overview of what occurred:

  • What: High winds, 120 MPH, heavy rain
  • When: August 30, 2023
  • Where: Atlanta, GA

What It Means for Your Home

CBS News reported on its website that Hurricane Idalia delivered high-speed winds and heavy rain all across Florida, Georgia, and up the Carolina coastlines.

Those are some massive concerns for residents – but what exactly does that mean for your home?

The Dangers of High-Speed Winds

High-speed winds are a formidable force of nature that can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity and safety. Strong winds can cause various issues for your property, including damaging or dislodging roofing materials, shingles, and even entire sections of the roof. This not only exposes your home to water infiltration but also compromises its ability to provide shelter and protection. In severe cases, high-speed winds can even uproot trees or large branches, which significantly threaten your home’s exterior, windows, and vehicles. Properly securing loose outdoor items, trimming trees, and ensuring your roofing is in good condition are crucial steps to mitigate the risks of high-speed winds.

How Can Heavy Rain Hurt Your Home?

Heavy rainfall can lead to a range of problems for your home if not adequately managed. If your roof has vulnerable spots or if your gutters and downspouts are clogged, heavy rainwater can seep into your home, causing structural damage, interior water stains, and mold growth. Excessive rain can also saturate the ground around your foundation, leading to basement flooding and weakening the foundation’s stability. Additionally, heavy rain can erode soil and landscaping around your property, which may affect the grading and proper drainage, creating a cycle of potential water damage. To safeguard your home, ensure your roof is well-maintained and free from leaks, keep gutters clean and functioning correctly, and consider investing in proper landscaping and drainage solutions.

Ways To Stay Safe Through The Storm

Before the hurricane hits, clear your eavestroughs of debris to minimize water damage. Inspect your roof for damage, repair any problem areas, and remove weak branches or trees in close proximity to your home. Be sure to store patio furniture and outdoor accessories in an enclosed space, and move vehicles into a garage to avoid costly repairs.

During the storm, avoid finding shelter under trees or in areas like culverts that can suddenly fill with water. Stay indoors and away from windows, glass doors, and skylights – close drapes or blinds to protect yourself from broken glass and flying debris. Take special care to keep pets indoors and provide shelter for farm animals. Avoid driving if possible, but if you’re on the road when the storm hits, avoid any flooded roads and pull into a gas station or other covered structure.

Fulton County Storm Damage Resources

Fulton County Office of Emergency Management

The Fulton County Office of Emergency Management website helpfully provides adequate emergency response information within the local community. These informative guides are designed to help Weld County residents in the event that the county reports any storm damage to their properties, which will assist the National Weather Service in evaluating the extent of the damage to the area as well as the severity of the storm.

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RCB Roofing

RCB Roofing has been faithfully serving Fulton County and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. If you’ve found yourself facing roof damage from the recent hail and wind storms in the area – don’t wait. Call Georgia’s trusted roofing company today to schedule a free inspection and let us help you keep your property safe this season.