Roof Strong

Roof Strong Roofs

In order to build a strong roof, you must have a strong foundation. That means stripping everything away, and making sure the fundamental elements of your roof are strong. We do not cut corners by leaving out or not replacing critical roofing components or cheap materials just so we can increase the bottom line for a project.

This includes the decking that supports your roof. This includes the metal flashing around the most vulnerable areas of your roof: the chimney, sidewalls, skylights among others. This includes the leak barrier components that are critical to protecting your home against leaks. The list goes on, but you can be sure our team’s sole mission is building a roof that will stand the test of time. We back this up with an unmatched, free 50 year GAF warranty (labor and materials).

Once we have built a strong foundation, we use the highest standards of shingle installation and craftsmanship so you can be proud every time you and your neighbors look at your roof.

As certified contractors for esteemed shingle manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning, we only install according to the guidelines they provide in their specifications manual.